Pedal Power Stage

Event goers pedal eight generator bikes to power a stage and backline.
Enjoy live music at your event without the noise and pollution of a petrol generator.
Great for festivals.
Package Includes:

8 x Generatoor Pro Bikes

Pedal Power Station with wattage display and DC to AC converter

7ft Tall Pedalometer to monitor the cyclists power generation

2 x JBL PRX635 powered speakers, each rated at 1500w

2 x JBL PRX618s XLF powered speakers, each rated at 1000w

2 x JBL PRX612m powered stage monitors, each rated at 1000w

Soundcraft EPM12 Mixer

Microphones (SM57 & SM58) with cables and stands

24 Channel Multicore

Also Included:
3 Staff Members, Mixing / DJ Booth, On Stage AC Power
All Weather Shelter, Transportation of Staff & Equipment
Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment, Method Statement
Cost applies to majority of mainland UK - please contact us for an accurate quote